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Pregnancy & Planning for a baby

American Pregnancy Association - Learn more about your unborn child’s growth and development.

Centers for Disease Control - A guide to planning for pregnancy.

Health One - Advice for staying healthy while pregnant.

March of Dimes - Information on the specific effects of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, medications and supplements on your baby.

Mother's Connection - Support and resources for mothers struggling with addiction.

Zero to Three - A guide to early child development and wellbeing.

Life with Young & Growing Kids

American Academy of Pediatrics - Information and advice for raising kids ages 5-12 years old.

Children's Hospital Colorado: Learn how to calm a crying baby.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids - Resources for families struggling with their child's substance abuse.

Postpartum Support International: Information and resources for people experiencing postpartum depression.

Safe Kids Worldwide: Helpful tips for car seat safety.

Safe Kids Worldwide - Safety information for kids ages 5-9.

Safe Kids Worldwide - Safety information for kids ages 10-14.

Safe Sleep: A helpful checklist to ensure safe sleep for your baby.

Speak Now Colorado - Tips for talking about alcohol and drugs with your pre-teen.

Zero to Three: Learn about early child development spanning the first 3 years of a baby's life.

Life with TeenAgers 

American Academy of Pedriatrics - Information and advice about raising teenagers.

Drug Free - Supports families struggling with their son or daughter's substance use.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids - Information about teen brain development and behavior.

Rise Above Colorado - Drug abuse prevention organization that helps youth make empowered, healthy choices.

Safe Kids Worldwide - Safety advice for raising teenagers.

Speak Now Colorado - Help in identifying high-risk behaviors in teenagers.

Speak Now Colorado - How to talk to your teen about alcohol and drugs.

Parenting is hard -- it's okay to ask for help.

Circle of Parents - Free, specialized parent support groups for parents in recovery, parents impacted by trauma, and more. 
Colorado Parenting Matters - Provides education, information, resources, and support in response to the needs of Colorado families in the area of family education and involvement.

Not sure if your baby’s development is on track? What’s that rash? Don’t be afraid to call your child’s health care provider or ask for help. Call 1-800-CHILDREN (244-5373) or 1-866-LAS-FAMILIAS (527-3264) for free, confidential help finding drug treatment, parenting support, medical care, social and family service agencies, and many other resources. Learn more.