Breastfeeding has many health benefits for both mom and baby, and provides the healthiest start for your little one. 



+ Deciding whether to breastfeed

Talk to your health care provider and your child’s pediatrician about breastfeeding and alternatives to determine what works best for you and your child.

+ Breastfeeding & Substance Use

Many of the things you consume, including what you eat, drink or smoke, have the potential to pass through your breast milk to your nursing baby. This includes any medications, supplements, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, marijuana or street drugs. Check with your health care provider about anything you might take or consume while breastfeeding.

Use of a substance may also affect your ability to engage, connect, bond and care for your child.

If you are using any substances, be sure your child always has:

+ Information & Resources

Additional information on the specific effects of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, medications and supplements on your baby is available at Mother to Baby.

Looking for help?

If you are pregnant or a mother with young children, you are a priority for drug and alcohol treatment.

Treatment is available where your children are welcome. Your treatment will be confidential and nonjudgmental. Medicaid/sliding scale fees apply. Learn more at Mother’s Connection.

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